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KMWorld NewsLinks - September 10, 2019


E-discovery: What metrics reveal

The role of metrics in helping to predict costs for cases and to plan budgets for future years is becoming more important because legal departments in corporations are increasingly being seen as business units rather than cost centers.


BA Insight's AutoClassifier 5.0 integrates NLP, multimedia analysis, and rules-based auto tagging

Helps to automate and control the enterprise information tagging process

Aprimo beefs up digital asset management and productivity management solutions with AI upgrades

New artificial intelligence (AI) solution is designed specifically to modernize the digital workplace and enrich content throughout the content lifecycle

John Snow Labs improves natural language processing solution

Spark NLP delivers state-of-the-art accuracy: production-grade versions of the best performing academic peer-reviewed results to date

KM In Practice

Morgan Stanley launches encrypted document sharing portal

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management will be utilizing Box's cloud content management capabilities, including Box Platform, Box KeySafe, and Box Governance


Why data quality matters to any industry

Since bad data can adversely affect the business, it is crucial to learn proactive measures to combat and treat it at its source