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KMWorld NewsLinks - July 09, 2019


7 Benefits of AI-based Search Assistance (Video)

In this clip from his KMWorld 2018 presentation on AI-enabled intelligent assistants, M-Files AI Product Manager Trevor Cookson discusses advantages for search.

How to search Facebook

In-depth searching of Facebook isn't necessarily easy, but it can be well worth the effort.

How to search Instagram

Instagram itself has the barest of search capabilities, but there is a solution


MicroStrategy announces platform update

Brings HyperIntelligence to mobile users and injects analytics into popular business applications

Algolia launches its platform on Microsoft Azure

With Algolia on Azure, enterprises have another option for reducing their development and management costs by opting with a fully managed solution that removes unnecessary complexity

M-Files boosts Microsoft Office 365 solutions

The updates simplify daily work and drives user adoption by enabling access to Microsoft Office 365

KM In Practice

Talend Cloud helps streamline Kent State University’s admissions process

Enables speed and trust for analyzing application information in a hybrid cloud environment

The Future of the Future

The future of food: a fresh look

There's a growing demand for the ability to facilitate the integration of knowledge generated by widely diverse communities from multiple disciplines.


BPM moves to the next level

We are again at the crossroads as the industry doubles down on digitally transforming operations to deliver personalized, consistent customer experiences that are integrated across all points of interaction