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KMWorld NewsLinks - May 07, 2019


How to Deliver an Actionable Knowledge Management Plan (Video)

Enterprise Knowledge Practice Lead Mary Little outlines a methodology for implementing an effective knowledge management strategy in this clip from her presentation at KMWorld 2018.


Utilizing cognitive computing and AI in Knowledge Management

This latest webcast explores cognitive computing and AI options

Verint strengthens digital CX capabilities with AI-powered anomaly detection

New machine learning capabilities identify customer pain points and outliers in CX data

OpenText releases new cloud and hybrid offerings for SAP solutions 

Solutions help organizations manage data and documents on and off cloud, and are integrated with SAP's Intelligent Suite 

KM In Practice

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) inks agreement with MarkLogic

MarkLogic provides CMS with a flexible and cost-effective migration to AWS, and supports "cloud-first" strategy 


7 reasons to buy, not build, your document processing platform

Some organizations are still undecided about whether they should build or buy an off-the-shelf solution, so here are the seven key issues to consider