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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 30, 2019


How to Deliver Knowledge That Goes Further (Video)

World Bank Senior KM Officer Pascual Saura discusses knowledge strategies that match contemporary corporate priorities built around short lifecycles and virtual spaces in this clip from his presentation at KMWorld 2018.


Upland Software acquires PostUp

The acquisition will offer customers the ability to determine highly targeted audience segments to drive audience growth and generate new revenue streams

Hyland accounts payable connector framework strengthens integration with ERP apps

New framework improves UX and expedites organizations' ROI

ASG Technologies enhances its data intelligence solution with additional big data and cloud analyzers

New capabilities extend metadata management, data governance and data catalog reach for popular technologies

KM In Practice

AI helps Yuba County caseworkers manage paperwork

The agency will arm welfare staff with the Traverse from Northwoods to collect, view, and share case content from anywhere at any time


How e-discovery requirements are changing: 5 questions with Relativity CTO Keith Carlson

Keith Carlson, Relativity's new CTO, recently reflected on the role of unstructured data, changing views about data privacy, and how the e-discovery space is evolving