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KMWorld NewsLinks - June 05, 2018


Veritas Provides Data Protection and Governance for Microsoft Office 365 Environments

New SaaS offerings help organizations establish enterprise-grade data management practices with automated protection and governance for their Office 365 environments

Unifi Software Announces New AI Capabilities to Improve Data Cataloging and Discovery

Unifi now automatically discovers similar datasets and auto-recommends search queries using AI and advanced NLP

FileCloud Announces ‘Pattern Search’ for GDPR Compliance

With the new Pattern Search feature, administrators and auditors can centrally look up sensitive data and instantly identify whether any files have been shared inappropriately.

KM In Practice

Cognitive search and analytics solution enriches digital work environment at Thales

Thales' teams collect and generate huge amounts of data. In the context of today's highly competitive digital transformation movement, Sinequa provides a foundation for optimizing team decision-making based on information rather than opinions, it reports.

Cognitive Computing

Automating cognitive tasks: fact or fiction?

There is a long-standing debate in philosophical, psychological and educational circles about how to understand and measure intelligence. Is intelligence actually a singular thing that can be pointed to and measured, for example, by an IQ test? Or are there multiple kinds of intelligence whose existence and behaviors only come to light when individuals confront specific kinds of context in life?