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KMWorld NewsLinks - January 09, 2018


Quintessentially search, no matter what the terminology

Today's search is providing a progressively richer and more informative experience. Users can now see in one interface all the relevant information about a customer, a product or a research topic. In the age of big data, the growing number of data types and ever-increasing demand for rapid access to and understanding of content, search will only become more essential.


Hyland and Jopari Partner to Offer Service for Exchanging Information

OnBase Mackinac will enable users a safer environment to exchange information

A2iA Chosen as Processor for Alogent Cloud

By integrating into Alogent Cloud, financial institutions gain more control over their destiny

Mavenlink Now Integrates with Slack

The integration allows Mavenlink customers to smoothly transfer project information into Slack

KM In Practice

Nikkei enhances its data-driven culture

Platform will help build a data-driven culture and speed a digital-first initiative to distribute online news faster than print