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KMWorld NewsLinks - February 21, 2017


Data and government transparency in the Trump era - Can data-driven technologies help?

Historically, the federal government has been regulated by a series of carefully constructed checks and balances exemplified by the executive, judicial and legislative branches. That triad was designed to circumscribe individual authority, implement a degree of transparency and order and preserve the democratic process upon which the country is based.


Nintex Extends Partnerships with Six SaaS Innovators

With the release of Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex provides intelligent integration between platforms and content repositories through partnerships and cloud technology

ZL Technologies Introduces Migration Services for Autonomy Digital Safe Users

Migration services provide lexical filters at the point of ingestion, providing visibility into what data can be deleted and reducing data transfer and storage costs

WPS Office Releases “PDF to Word” Converter Tool for Windows and Android

Customers can now convert PDFs to Word documents on mobile devices

KM In Practice

BPM helps streamline R&D at Shepherd Color Company

Communication between chemists and project managers across different departments and in different buildings meant people were asking for various types of work. Shepherd saw automation as a way to speed product development and to track the creation of products better, which could lead to more sales.