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KMWorld NewsLinks - December 31, 2014

News Analysis

Cognitive computing: A definition and some thoughts

Computers are one of those artifacts of modern life that we love to hate. They are powerful, pervasive, intrusive and, let's face it, clumsy to use. Today's applications require us to break down complex, subtle ideas into simplistic statements. We must learn arcane codes to speak their language. They are incapable of assisting us in an evolving knowledge voyage because their understanding breaks down as our context or intentions change.


Taxonomy, ontology and metadata management

TopQuadrant releases TopBraid Suite 4.6

TIBCO releases ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1

Expanded analytics capabilities

Secure document display and collaboration on any device

Accusoft releases Prizm Content Connect 9.2

KM In Practice

Red Bull revitalizes request management

Taps Integrify for global solution