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KMWorld NewsLinks - August 22, 2023


Upland offers new relationship and insight mapping features for B2B sales organizations

Altify Insights drives revenue by demystifying complex buying groups and unlocking key business drivers

Dialpad builds generative AI tool for enterprises of all sizes

DialpadGPT powers features to automate tasks, including summarizing sales, customer service, and team engagements and follow-up actions

LiquidText announces integration with iManage to enhance document management

The integration will provide users with a powerful and seamless workflow

Gulfstream Legal Group debuts latest e-discovery tools for optimized efficiency and ease

New tools cut previously hours-long processes down to minutes

KM In Practice

U.S. Steel and Google Cloud collaborate to build generative AI applications for the manufacturing industry

MineMind will be U. S. Steel's first gen AI application to launch