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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 11, 2023


Calabrio announces workforce management integration with Zoom

Cloud Contact Center leaders collaborate to empower agents and elevate the customer experience

Pepper Content offers platform that combines enterprise workflows, expert talent, and AI

With the help of generative AI tools, powerful workflows, and a global expert talent network, Pepper Content sets out to revolutionize the content ecosystem

Zendesk customer service innovations supercharged by AWS strategic collaboration agreement

Zendesk is announcing a five-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with AWS, designed to drive tailored, intelligent, and scalable customer experiences (CX), further amplified by enhanced support operations.

NICE accelerates digital fluency with latest release

New CXone capabilities provide real-time interaction guidance and unique low-code smart self-service options

Fibery’s generative AI assistant enhances productivity with accessible, customizable workspaces

Integrating Open AI's GPT-3 API, the Fibery AI Assistant will enable faster, more efficient work and knowledge management

How to Change the Culture of Organizations that Devalue Knowledge

IBM's Phaedra Boinodiris and the Monney Group's Jean Claude Monney discuss the cultural and socio-technological barriers to knowledge sharing in organizations that devalue their existing knowledge base and how to overcome those obstacles in this clip from their keynote at KMWorld 2022

Perspective on Knowledge

AI’s new type of knowledge

This way of knowing works pragmatically for some very complex systems of the sort we find in the real world. But, oddly, itseems not to work so well in some artificially simple systems.