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KMWorld NewsLinks - December 27, 2022


Lytics releases Conductor to unify and activate customer data

Conductor, Lytics CDI, delivers a UX data managers can use to connect, control, and manage data: the final component of company's vision for a Composable CDP

PlainID Technology Network debuts to secure identities throughout the enterprise

The Authorization Company helps businesses modernize by simply and securely connecting identities with digital assets

o9 Solutions and project44 strengthen partnership to increase support for supply chain planning

Integrating o9's Supply Chain Control Tower with project44's high-quality logistics data helps clients identify potential supply chain risks and make real-time decisions to mitigate disruptions 

Honeywell Smart Pay provides on-the-spot payments for businesses

Honeywell Smart Pay enables on-the-spot payments in retail, parcel delivery, public transportation services and other businesses

Ethical innovation

The human capability to under-or overestimate

Yet maybe the most glaring example of underestimating humans we encounter in our work is in the world of AI. It's partly the term "intelligence" in AI that misleads so many, as AI is not intelligent in the same way that humans are intelligent. Though powerful, AI ultimately matches patterns it has learned, and even the smartest of AI systems is limited in how many patterns it can match and make sense of.