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KMWorld NewsLinks - December 13, 2022


Combating siloed information with expanded employee network and interaction

Sarah Dobson, new business director at Starmind, discussed how optimized knowledge management can improve R&D cycles for enhanced time-to-market in KMWorld's webinar, "How Knowledge Sharing Accelerates R&D Cycles."

dtSearch adds support for hundreds of international languages

For the dtSearch Engine SDKs, this release also updates a multiplatform ASP.NET faceted search demo with native .NET 6 sample code

Version 11.9 of Sinequa’s Search Cloud Platform strengthens search, connection, and simplicity

Delivers features and enhancements to improve search experiences for customers and partners

The Future of the Future

The undiscovered country

Capturing and sharing what you already know is good; and with today's data and text analytics tools, it has become much easier than when we'd first begun this journey.