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KMWorld NewsLinks - March 15, 2022


Deploying text analytics and natural language processing for strategic advantage

Perhaps the biggest barrier to unlocking the knowledge found in text is the fact it's widely considered unstructured data that doesn't conform to the traditional tabular data representation.


Collibra expands data quality and observability innovations, tools, and services

Enhancements make it easier to find and understand information

Microsoft completes acquisition of Nuance to enable a new era of outcomes-based AI

Acquisition accelerates industry-specific cloud strategy to transform the future of work and care

Bloomberg empowers event-driven decision making with real-time data access on Google Cloud

Native connectivity with Google Cloud will further provide mutual clients with an enhanced and simplified data experience, making the information immediately usable

KM In Practice

Horizon Bank improves data-driven insights using Aunalytics Daybreak for Financial Services

Data platform accelerates Horizon's digital transformation journey