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KMWorld NewsLinks - January 18, 2022


Looking to the future: 2022 KM outlook

The most drastic change KM has grappled with in the 2020s is the explosion of remote and hybrid work, which sparked an urgent need to enable virtual communication and critical information access.


eGain achieves FedRAMP authorization with IRS sponsorship 

The IRS is modernizing taxpayer experience with eGain's digital-first, knowledge automation solutions

Upland Software acquires Objectif Lune

Upland is expanding its global document workflow product library by adding the capability to modernize complex, paper-based documents for large-volume print production as well as automated delivery across web, email, and mobile platforms

Playvox introduces Customer AI with the acquisition of Prodsight

Effective immediately, Prodsight will become Playvox Customer AI offering Playvox customers advanced sentiment analysis, text analytics, and sophisticated auto-tagging

KM In Practice

Wintershall Dea implements Ikon Science’s Curate

Curate helps companies accelerate exploration, minimize portfolio risk, and optimize production activities to achieve greater results while preserving capital and human resources for a stronger bottom line