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February 2014 [Vol 23, Issue 2]


Creating a positive customer experience

Extensive research into customer experience shows (and common sense affirms) that those who have a positive customer experience are far more likely to purchase again from the same company, less likely to defect and more likely to promote the company to others. What might be a surprise is the dollar amount into which the positive ratings translate.


Changes of the past 20 years, along with data that earlier generations couldn't imagine having access to, have brought the predictive analytics market to a new level of relevance.

KM helps reshape the practice of law

"The focus is social knowledge and finding the right people, then engaging them directly with a new problem set. In general, people who share knowledge rather than hold it do well in this setting."

BPM: keeping it flexible

"Our clients are carrying out transactions such as processing credit card data, so we have to ensure a high level of compliance in our support.

News Analysis

Will SEO manage information access?

I can certainly envision a future where search engine optimization, which may be perceived as having more value than traditional information retrieval, may become the gatekeeper for enterprise search in some organizations.

Microlearning from the KM perspective

Knowledge workers are not just consumers of content but also creators of knowledge assets.


David Weinberger

Hogwash or science—Tags are messy and useful

Tags work, but imperfectly, which is how anything that works works.

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