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November/December 2012, [Vol 21, Issue 10]


Collaborate, innovate, adapt!
Collaboration taps into social networks to aid productivity

"Enterprise social software solutions are being used in 67 percent of organizations surveyed in 2012, up from 43 percent in 2011..."

Web analytics and beyond ... it's a multichannel world

"Marketing through mobile and social channels is growing, and one of the challenges is to measure the effectiveness of such initiatives..."

The next frontier for software: Smart process applications fill a big gap

"Smart process apps should be viewed as an incremental, interactive solution to a business need, not a cure-all solution..."

Cultural resistance to KM persists

"Part of the cultural resistance to KM could stem from how it is positioned in the organization..."

KMWorld 2012 Promise and Reality award winners and finalists

"Throughout each year, KMWorld is introduced to the best and brightest of the suppliers and practitioners in the trade. We conduct dozens of interviews, hundreds of briefings and review probably thousands of press releases and e-mails. Then ... we have to pick the best..."

Finalist KMWorld Promise 2012: APTEAN

News Analysis

The knowledge challenge: Surging volumes of content

"Figuring out what is in big data collections places a significant burden on traditional search, content management and database management systems..."

Personal KM: Shifting sands

"As the digital information world changes, it sometimes eases our information use and reuse; but other times, the changes are not steps forward..."


David Weinberger

Understanding big data vs. theory

The problem is that knowledge often outpaces understanding. In the Age of the Net, if we want our knowledge to get very very big, knowledge is going to blow far past our understanding, and we aren't going to be able to afford to wait around for understanding to catch up.

The Future of the Future

Rethinking ROI: The Metrics of Intangible Assets

What is the true value of intangible assets like intellectual capital and in an enterprise, and what is the ROI (return on investment) for knowledge management. Here are two intangible asset valuation methods that will likely get the attention of the folks sitting both in the c-suite and on the board of directors.

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