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November/December 2010, [Vol 19, Issue 10]


Collaboration: A new picture develops

Historically, collaboration has been document-centric, but right now many solutions are focusing on connections between people...

Know your role!

In a content-dominated world, content and collaboration have morphed into a critical strategic function in your organization.

Competitive intelligence: Capturing a wider view

In much the same way as other KM tools, CI solutions have focused on allowing business users to extract and disseminate competitive information from Web sources....

SharePoint|The Reality Series 7
To upgrade or not to upgrade

2010 Promise and Reality award finalists

KM and Collaboration Roundup

There are many ways to slice this, but we've made an attempt to summarize a set of solutions that provide an overall view of knowledge management and collaboration tools. This is a sampler; there are many more...

Grant Thornton

News Analysis

Ubiquitous SharePoint

MapReduce, Chubby and Hadoop

...the buzzword of the summer is Hadoop. Bloggers and poobahs have done loop-the-loops around Hadoop...


David Weinberger

The amateur ecology

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future:
Unclogging the knowledge pipeline

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