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November/December 2009, [Vol 18, Issue 10]


E-discovery in a challenging economy

Recent surveys confirm casual observation that lawsuits are a large and growing part of the U.S. economy. A variety of surveys indicate that anywhere from half to nearly 90 percent of businesses, depending on the size and field, were faced with at least one in the past year. Yet many organizations remain completely unprepared. See what columnist Judith Lamont has to advise in this recent article from KMWorld magazine.

Wiki tools are not all the same

CMS Watch research with users suggests that selecting the right tool isn't sufficient alone for long-term success, but it is necessary...

Microblogging eases into the enterprise

Social networking has moved into the enterprise market in a big way over the past year, with blogs and wikis becoming ubiquitous, and more recently, a trend toward enterprise microblogging. According to IDC, the market doubled between 2007 and 2008, although on a small base, and is expected to grow to $1.6 billion by 2013...

Building a collaboration strategy

As 2010 approaches, collaboration continues to be a hot topic. Strangely enough, one thing hasn't changed about collaboration, despite the rise of Web 2.0 infiltrating the work force: The vast majority of collaboration continues to take place through e-mail, with knowledge workers passing file attachments...

BI or bust?

No business can escape this economic turmoil unscathed, but such a climate will bring fresh opportunities to some. What does it take to be a winner in the current economic climate?...

2009 Promise and Reality award finalists

KMWorld 2009 Promise Finalist: Comintelli

KMWorld 2009 Promise Finalist:
Intranet Dashboard

Developed by the ADWEB Agency...

KMWorld 2009 Reality Finalist:
SiteExecutive by Systems Alliance

KMWorld 2009 Reality Finalist:

News Analysis

Celebrating potential and success—
KM Promise and Reality

Google’s chiaroscuro motif

Google's enterprise services received what Italians call chiaroscuro. The idea is that light falls across a canvas and reveals details that might otherwise be difficult to perceive. The PR blitz for Chrome as a new Google operating system is interesting, but it may not make it easy to see two broader enterprise initiatives revealed in July 2009. The penetrating light came from two different continents and concerned two quite different Google services...


David Weinberger

What attribute best describes the Internet age?

We have been in the Age of Information. What comes next? More exactly, what will we call what comes next?...

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