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June 2009, [Vol 18, Issue 6]


SharePoint: the backbone of your information architecture

Social networking gets down to business

Social networking software gives users the ability to create individual profiles that foster interaction among people based on their interests, expertise or work activities. First made available on consumer-oriented sites such as Facebook, social networking is beginning to find a solid niche in the business world...

Connecting the dot.govs

On the most basic level, we need to take a step back and focus on the fundamental question: Why was the Department of Homeland Security created? It was not created merely to bring together different agencies under a single tent. It was created to enable these agencies to secure the homeland through joint, coordinated action. Our challenge is to realize that goal to the greatest extent possible. —Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to the Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security, April 20, 2005...

KM challenges fraud

Financial institutions, healthcare insurance companies and government institutions all have been victims of fraud. Eventually, consumers pay the costs of fraud. The good news about fraud is that about $10 is recovered for each dollar spent fighting it...

Pharmaceutical firms treat inefficiencies with KM

Pharmaceutical companies are using knowledge management solutions to meet regulatory guidelines, analyze legal bills and track drugs from manufacture to sale...

Google’s App Engine: getting serious about the enterprise market

Science fiction buffs know about the "tractor beam." A starship floats without power. A space tug locks onto the crippled star cruiser with a magnetic beam. The space tug reels in the crippled starship the way a fisherman lands a rainbow trout.Google's enterprise tractor beam is its App Engine. The fish are enterprise customers. Unlike the science fiction tractor beam, the Google beam is quite real and starting to reel in the enterprise catch...

ECM: Open Text ECM Suite

News Analysis

It’s all in the (SourceOne) family

Everything is fragmented—Ingenuity and co-evolution

Unified social content management


David Weinberger

The beauty of mesh networking

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