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David Jones

VP of Product Marketing, Nuxeo

David Jones is VP of Product Marketing for Content Services at Nuxeo, responsible for developing the global go-to-market strategy and execution plan for Nuxeo's modern enterprise Content ServicesPlatform. He has over 20 years' experience in the emerging technologies space across multiple industries including big data, analytics, cloud and enterprise content management. Prior to joiningNuxeo David was Vice President of European Operations with AIIM, was CEO and Founder of a Document Management startup for 8 years and has held Product and Marketing Management roles with Konica Minolta and Hyland. David also holds a place on the AIIM Board of Directors, the non-profit industry association. David has a holistic understanding of the challenges of stakeholders from every facet of the organization and is passionate about delivering modern, future-forward technologies and solutions that truly make a difference to organizations, employees and customers.

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Articles by David Jones

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Enterprise content management (ECM) has been with us for almost 20 years now. In an ideal world, one could argue that this longevity has given us a deep understanding of how to manage content within an organization. The reality however is quite different.

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We live in the information age. The age where physical things are increasingly being connected to the online world to deliver a more integrated and intelligent environment (i.e., the Internet of Things). You have to look no further than the list of most valuable companies in the world to back this up. Google, Apple, Amazon, AT&T—all of these organizations either deal purely as information brokers or they're bringing physical products "online" to enable better information exchange and creation.