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Ramanpreet Singh and Fiona McNeill

Ramanpreet Singh is global product manager for customer intelligence solution at SAS, responsible for conceptualization and development of SAS Business Analytics Solutions, e-mail

Fiona McNeill is a global product marketing manager at SAS, responsible for a number of emerging technologies. She is co-author of Heuristics in Analytics: A Practical Perspective of What Influences Our Analytical World and a member of the Cognitive Computing Consortium, e-mail

Articles by Ramanpreet Singh and Fiona McNeill

Making Machines Think

Machines will, in time, produce results based on the rules, deterministic and probabilistic models—the advantage being that machines have infinite storage capacity, unlike humans....

Cognitive computing
Making machines think

Analytics is moving toward a new era. Businesses want to use machines as a cognitive platform driven by data. The term "cognitive computing" is rising in popularity, the notion being that it brings new value to big data by combining artificial intelligence and machine learning.