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Biographical Information

Art Murray and Paul Prueitt

Art Murray  D.Sc., is CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences and co-director of the Enterprise of the Future initiative.

Paul S. Prueitt, is a leading researcher in neuropsychology and author of the forthcoming book, Alternative Pathways in Education. Email him at .

Articles by Art Murray and Paul Prueitt

Flipping data science

No matter how much "intelligence" is programmed into a computer, it will very likely never understand the results it produces. Doing so takes human cognition, intuition, judgment, and other ways we humans make sense out of data.

The future of education

Today, we find ourselves in a highly networked knowledge-based economy. This new world demands radically different learning approaches in alignment with complex behaviors of natural systems.

Envisioning the deep learning enterprise

We are well into what might be referred to as the knowledge transfer decade, brought about by the wave of retirements and ensuing panic as organizations scramble to capture, retain and grow their critical knowledge.