Biographical Information

Prateek Kathpal

Vice President of Viewing Product Strategy, Accusoft

Prateek Kathpal is the founder of Adeptol, a software company focused on developing imaging applications, which was acquired by Accusoft in 2011. He is currently responsible for the viewing products strategy at Accusoft. Kathpal founded Adeptol to create an enterprise wide viewing platform and associated solutions, to replace traditional thick-client products. Prior to founding Adeptol, Kathpal held senior positions within the content management division of EMC. He has also worked with EMC Documentum, NEC, Sapient, Cognizant, JPMorgan Chase and other organizations. Prateek is an Engineering graduate with an MBA in Marketing.

Articles by Prateek Kathpal

Collaboration in E-Discovery

Anyone who has been involved in the e-discovery process for a case understands that it can be complicated, time-consuming and require the involvement of several people from cross-functional teams. Any lack of collaboration between the different teams can lead to severe consequences, such as additional time and cost, duplication of efforts and potentially not communicating critical observations. Even just a few years ago, most documents existed in the form of paper and the discovery process would involve going through that paper, along with the supplement request, to review the available electronic data. As the world has evolved, more and more documents are stored electronically. . . .

The Role of Collaboration Tools for SharePoint

Improving productivity is, on its own, one of the top business objectives shared by companies of all sizes, industries and geographies. Its direct correlation to a company's ability to increase profitability has a compounding effect on its importance. One of the most cost-effective ways to drive productivity improvement initiatives is to increase collaboration across the enterprise, both internally among employees as well as between employees, partners and customers. . . .

Five Keys to Selecting an E-Discovery Viewer

This article discusses the importance of viewing in an e-discovery solution and focuses on the five keys for selecting the viewer that meets your e-discovery requirements. Viewing is one of the pillars of an effective e-discovery solution and can be either a pre-integrated viewer, as part of the enterprise content management platform, or a separate use case-based process-oriented solution. . . .