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Biographical Information

Michael Koenig, Professor Emeritus, Long Island University

Michael E.D. Koenig, Ph.D.,
is professor emeritus at the College of Information and Computer Science at Long Island University (, a long-time participant in and observer of the knowledge management scene, and the author of numerous articles and books.

Articles by Michael Koenig, Professor Emeritus, Long Island University

Fourth stage of KM revealed at the KMWorld conference

The broader implication of of stage four KM is that we may be beginning to move with more speed into the world of the semantic web.

Knowledge management in 2021: KM enters a new stage

The knowledge graph stage emerged in full at KMWorld Connect 2020

Observations on KMWorld 2019

At KMWorld 2019, three themes emerged with much greater emphasis than in previous years

AI or IA—Intelligent Assistants?

True AI-enabled intelligent assistants will be possible in the not-so-distant future

The Role of the KM Implementer in Ensuring Positive Change

KM perceptions and the KM mindset are an excellent basis for managing—and creating a culture receptive to—change

KM: the forest for all the trees

KM conference report

Time saved—a misleading justification for KM

The third stage of KM emerges

User education for KM:The problem we won't recognize

Don’t fall for that false dichotomy! Codification vs. personalization