Maximizing Corporate Bandwidth Utilization and User Satisfaction ... at the Same Time!

“We are drowning in a sea of information,” write University of California researchers Peter Lyman and Hal Varian. “The challenge is to learn to swim in that sea, rather than drown in it. Now society must figure out how to manage all that information.” Their recent study titled “How Much Information” summed up just how quickly we are gathering, storing, and disseminating information.

As corporations accumulate, digest, and disseminate this information, the sheer volume strains the sturdiest of corporate infrastructures, as well as the external pathways through which to access this data. Look at our Web pages (and even e-mail!) which reflect this dramatically, as we have moved from simple text messages to full-motion video with CD-quality sound!

Fields including Legal, Human Resources, Accounting, Geographic Information Systems, Medical, Real Estate, as well as Application Service Providers, are all faced with the increasing problem of how to extend corporate knowledge to employees, partners, suppliers, and customers, while maintaining control, source integrity, and containing costs. The ability to review, annotate, and update documents and images in a variety of formats, without the necessity to run native client applications on all client workstations, is a key to increasing the productivity of information users wherever they may be located. This also leads to shortened document processing cycle times and improved product quality and customer satisfaction.

How is this functionality being utilized?MonsterDaata, Inc.’s (a leading provider of Internet information utility geared to Real Estate) Remote Content Delivery (RCD) system facilitates simple, efficient delivery of Community, Property, and School reports to any Web browser, in either HTML or XML formats. MonsterDaata provides the capability to integrate 2.5 terabytes of NeighborhoodPlace data into users’ Web sites, with total flexibility to incorporate charts, tables, graphics, colors and page placement into provider applications, all without data management hassles. In fact, RCD system (which is enabled by Accusoft’s platform-independent NetVue server software) is implemented as part of Yahoo Real Estate, Homestore.com, and move.com, a further testament to its robustness.

This capability helps companies like MonsterDaata provide cost-effective, secure, highly scalable application “plug-ins” and/or overlays to a broad variety of customer applications. Designed as a Web-based imaging solution to a broad range of applications, NetVue provides a client-server environment capable of delivering large quantities of data, in over 100 formats, to a remote desktop within seconds, even with end users on 28.8Kb modems. The patented NetVue Document Streaming™ technology is the core piece of the solution, providing users with the ability to view, annotate, and update a variety of documents and images without requiring the native application to be resident. In addition, NetVue has an extensive set of Web application server tools, which provide system administrators with control of the product as well as easy access to information being generated from users of the application.

NetVue works by pre-processing large document and image files on the server, leveraging the power of today’s high-performance servers and storage systems, and then providing delivery via a Web browser and a high-speed, zero-administration client, available in ActiveX or Java. A variety of management and tracking reports is included, complete with common reports already built in. These reports take a few input variables and generate HTML pages with the results, which can be shared with anyone interested. NetVue stores every transaction into a simple Xbase-type database that any report writer can access. Any number of additional reports can be created for more specialized requirements.

The benefits of Document Streaming

  • It’s fast; up to 20 times faster than the closest available alternative.;

  • It minimizes network traffic substantially. On average only 1/10th of the bandwidth, compared to other solutions, is required.;

  • The system administrator and individual users can control the type of streaming used.;

  • It’s secure; NDS images are intrinsically secure as the data protocol is not reversible and no performance-reducing encryption is required.;

Businesses now can have the flexibility to accommodate existing documentation and images, scalability via the server-side implementation, and ease of access—while providing the functionality to help improve customer and knowledge-worker satisfaction. This flexibility is a key benefit for all companies that experience change in their operations, personnel, and markets.

NetVue technology allows your company to facilitate the rapid deployment of imaging and document management solutions throughout an enterprise and beyond.

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