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How to Steer Cognitive Applications With Semantic Technologies

We have entered the era of smart applications. Chatbots, recommendation services, knowledge discovery tools and analytics solutions are deployed across various industries to enhance digital customer interaction and increase operational efficiency. The demand for talented and experienced developers and technology professionals is constantly exceeding supply. However, applying and extending the usage of new machine learning algorithms and building an agile data infrastructure are only one side of the medal. Companies need to enable their subject matter experts to work with cognitive applications in order to create business value.

From Data Science to Knowledge Modeling

Our generation is boosting the intelligence of machines like no other before. We want applications to process structured and unstructured data for us. Machines shall detect relevant information and reuse it automatically in a corresponding context. Statistical methods and rule-based systems become better in providing precise results, but will reach their limits in Artificial Intelligence (AI). First of all, these approaches try to take a shortcut on how the human brain works. Second, highly specialized skills are required to maintain these systems that are becoming very complex over time. The shortage of data scientists will naturally become a bottleneck for bringing cognitive computing to the next level.

Semantic technologies provide a feasible solution to both challenges. The human brain’s architecture features conceptual networks that enlarge and evolve through learning. Concepts are units of meaning that link to other concepts, creating contextual frameworks. Semantic technologies have knowledge graphs at the core of their solution approach that resemble the human brain’s architecture. Subject matter experts can define knowledge domains on a concept level and can easily relate these concepts with each other.

Working with semantic technologies is a qualitatively driven way to enhance smart applications. Knowledge graphs make text processing transparent. The system intelligence can be extended and adapted by reshaping the knowledge graph. As the human brain evolves, so does a knowledge graph.

Bringing State-of-the Art Technologies Together

However, there is no such thing as a single, all-encompassing “AI technology.” Rather, the large global professional technology community and software vendors are continuously developing a broad set of methods and tools for natural language processing and advanced data analytics.

The future of cognitive computing lies in a combined approach. Employing both the statistical and knowledge-based models, will have a critical impact on the development of applications. Highly automated data processing enabled by sophisticated machine-learning algorithms must give the end user the option to independently modify the functioning of smart applications.

PoolParty Semantic Suite as the Cornerstone of Cognitive Applications

Today, the multitude of use cases is still accompanied by a serious respect for the project’s complexity and potential to fail. Building cognitive solutions requires new ways of information management at the front and back ends. Full-scale, or market-leading solutions might give the impression they are suitable only for large-scale IT-projects, and most companies prefer to develop innovative prototypes at their own pace. Working with a complete semantic technology suite can simplify the transition to a smart application environment.

PoolParty Semantic Suite provides enterprises with modules for semantic data integration and knowledge engineering, as well as a toolkit for setting up cognitive end-user applications. Users can license individual modules of the PoolParty Semantic Middleware platform and extend their usage based on need.

Learn More About the Future of Cognitive Computing

Download a free IDC White Paper about how to build cognitive computing applications with semantic technologies at: www.poolparty.ai.

Register for a free certification online training in semantic technologies at: www.poolparty.biz/academy.

Discover the Semantic Web Starter Kit at: www.poolparty.biz/semantic-web-starter-kit

PoolParty is a semantic technology platform developed, owned and licensed by the Semantic Web Company.

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