Beyond capture, way beyond

Kofax has announced the Document Exchange Server, which, the company says, is designed to facilitate the exchange of documents and information between standard document input devices within an organization--such as multifunction peripherals (MFPs), scanners and e-mail--and transactional business processes such as invoice processing, new account openings, claims processing and sales order processing.

The ability to use multiple document input devices allows organizations to standardize on a single system to process both paper and electronic documents and respond to changes in their business environment. For example, Kofax says, an organization may find that due to an increase in document volume, it makes more sense to use a dedicated document scanner rather than an MFP for scanning. In this case, they can swap out an MFP for a document scanner connected to the already available Kofax Document Scan Server. Further changes to the underlying document processing infrastructure created by the Document Exchange Server are minimal.

In addition, the Kofax Document Exchange Server connects these document input devices to a variety of destinations through a single server. These destinations include leading enterprise content management systems, line of business applications, workflows, e-mail and fax that improve the timeliness and efficiency of a business process. In addition, it is tightly integrated with Ascent Capture for advanced document processing options and compatible with an extensive number of content management systems and data repositories.

The Kofax Document Exchange Server features a thin-client application--the Document Exchange--with which users can easily retrieve documents sent from an input device. Users access the Document Exchange from a standard Web browser where they can preview documents, combine them with others, enter index information and send them to a desired destination. For further ease, destinations can be saved as shortcuts to reduce the number of steps necessary to submit a document to a particular destination point.

The company has also embarked on a simplified product branding campaign that consolidates the company’s diverse product portfolio into a consistent and unified architecture under the Kofax name.

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