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Cognitive computing
Beyond the hype: cognitive computing and your business, your job, your life

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Cognitive Computing Consortium’s official launch

The Cognitive Computing Consortium, a growing group of private and public organizations and individuals focused on the advancement of innovation in cognitive computing (cognitivecomputingconsortium.com/definition-of-cognitive-computing), announced its official launch and call for new members and sponsors on April 5, 2016.

The Consortium provides an interactive forum for researchers, developers and practitioners of cognitive computing and its allied technologies. With its roots in a working group of major industry luminaries, the Consortium was co-founded by Sue Feldman, CEO, Synthexis, and Hadley Reynolds, principal analyst at NextEra Research, to fill an industry gap.

The Consortium’s mission is to enable professionals to exchange ideas and insight, to conduct research and education on cognitive computing technologies and their uses, and to analyze the impacts that cognitive computing will have as it becomes widely adopted. The Consortium generates unbiased thought leadership with the goal of advancing this emerging generation of computing.


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