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Take Your IG Program to the Next Level with Continuous Auditing and Analytics

Information governance (IG) is not a once and done effort. To fully enable your information to be a useful asset and reduced liability, it must be effectively governed throughout its lifecycle. But, often, IG projects are executed in silos or as single point in time/one-off efforts.

Have you encountered any of these scenarios?

  • You’ve updated your policies and trained your employees on handling sensitive information. Are you sure they understood the policy and are complying? What if you could identify and correct policy deviations as they occurred?
  • You’ve done a massive data remediation project, cleaning up file shares and data stores. Have people resorted to the habits that led to the cleanup? What if you could keep your information stores tidy and avoid a costly redo of the remediation?
  • You’ve performed a data reconciliation as part of a one-off cleanup or of a periodic reconciliation. Are the same errors and inconsistencies still cropping up? What if you could catch and clean these things in real time, improve the quality and reliability of your information, and reduce the burden of manual reconciliation?

Continuous auditing and analytics can help you do all of the above (and more). By monitoring your information and alerting you when there are policy deviations or data inconsistencies, continuous auditing and analytics can help you address these issues in real time.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see ARMA’s Nick Inglis and Ann Snyder; and ASG Technologies’ VP of Strategic Content Solutions, Jim Maguire discuss how to use continuous auditing and analytics to monitor and improve compliance, identify and correct data inconsistencies in real time, improve efficiency, reduce the need for one-off cleanup efforts, gain insight into your data, and more.