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5 Steps to Remediate Your Compromised Office 365 Account

Although Offce 365 adoption has helped organizations increase productivity, these platforms are chock-full of confidential data, and have inevitably become a major target for cybercriminals. Of all the messages sent to Offce 365 inboxes in a single month, on average, about 55 billion are spam or bulk emails, and 20 million contain some form of malware.

A popular approach among scammers is to send phishing emails that contain malicious links or attachments. After clicking these links, victims are redirected to fake pages that request their credentials or personal details, giving scammers access to the victims' emails, contacts, files, folders, and more.

Cybercriminals can then use the compromised email accounts to hunt for personally identifiable information (PII) in the mailbox, send unauthorized emails to partners or vendors seeking confidential data, and a lot more.