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How BlackBerry married organizational vision with content design

Over the last few years, BlackBerry has been forging into a new business space defined by cutting-edge security products powered by the latest in AI & ML. Last year, a new vision for these products redefined the direction of BlackBerry’s content team. As each of these security offerings was being positioned as part of a larger security solution, they had to rebuild the various docs sets from the ground up to create a new, unified doc set. This new doc set would represent a centralized resource for information and help for all our Unified Endpoint Security (UES) customers.

Discover how the enterprise documentation team at BlackBerry leveraged Adobe Experience Manager Guides, a cloud-native CCMS from Adobe, to

  • unify terminology, branding, and style across divergent content
  • manage frequent release and localization cycles without disrupting ongoing work across products
  • enhance and support DITA-generated documents
  • use context help to develop a closer relationship between content and the product itself