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External Sharing and Guest User Access in Microsoft 365 and Teams

A guide for developing and enforcing the right policy for your organization

Microsoft Teams has become the central productivity hub for organizations today. Its value in enabling business continuity and collaboration can be seen in a nearly 500 percent increase in daily active users since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it is possible to securely allow Microsoft teams guest access, with outsiders participating as members Microsoft Teams can be securely configured to enable outsiders to participate as guest members of a Teams workspace, enjoying and many of the enjoy many of the same functions that insiders use.

This eBook will dive into Microsoft Teams governance and policy considerations that you need to make when creating and managing guest adding external users to Microsoft Teams, user access to your Teams network, as well as the different layers of guest access and the common challenges that accompany a more complicated Microsoft 365 infrastructure. And finally, the eBook will outline some of the major decisions points across four general-purpose guest access policy scenarios for how an organization can set this up with standard licensing.