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How to Take Your Information Governance Program to the Next Level with Continuous Auditing and Analytics

Information governance (IG) is not a once and done effort. IG is an overarching and coordinating strategy for all organizational information from the moment it enters an organization throughout its life. Unfortunately, information related efforts are often executed in silos or as point-in-time/one-off efforts — an arguably more tactical approach.

IG, however, is a strategic approach to handling information. This paper will explore how continuous auditing and analytics can be part of an effective information strategy and IG program and how, by identifying policy deviations and data inconsistencies in real time, it can help take your IG program to the next level. This approach can reduce the costs, financial and otherwise, of information becoming non-compliant, and can save time, money, and other resources by focusing stakeholder attention on exceptions requiring human intervention.

Download this paper to learn:

  • Why a siloed or point-in-time/one-off approach is a problem, including some common examples of this approach.
  • What is meant by continuous auditing and analytics?
  • How details gathered during two common IG-projects can be leveraged to develop the business rules necessary to help build a continuous approach.
  • How continuous auditing and analytics can be used to monitor and improve compliance, identify and correct data inconsistencies in real time, improve efficiency, reduce the need for one-off cleanup efforts, and gain insight into your data.