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Unchaining Retrophin’s Remote Workforce with Egnyte

Back in 2015, Retrophin made a big decision: the biopharmaceutical firm would consolidate multiple offices in the United States and take its entire IT operations into the cloud. But, when it decided to close all but its west coast (San Diego, CA) facility, Retrophin’s data remained on the east coastin a datacenter managed by its MSP.

“Accessing the cloud-share via VPN from one end of the country to another wasn’t just painfully slow, our people were losing connection,too. A mandate came down from senior management to ‘fix’ it,” said Robert Kuhn, Senior Information Technology Manager. Robert and his colleague, Amy Benton, Retrophin’s Senior IT Director, had already solved one critical issue in the initial phase of the consolidation; transitioning files from disparate NAS boxes across the multi-office network to a single, cloud-based. Now, it was time to take another major step forward.

“I had come across Egnyte a couple of times and with a little more investigation saw more potential than just performance. We could remove other collaboration blockers as well,” added Kuhn. “We needed a solution that would augment our workflows to keep the drug development on track, regardless of the location of each team.”

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