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Special Report: 3 Ways to Empower Agents and Deliver Exceptional CX with AI-Driven Analytics

Perfecting the Customer Experience

The perfect customer experience may exist only in science fiction, where a computer not only competently responds to customer queries, but also anticipates customer needs well before the customer knows there is a need. Picture a snowy winter morning when the snow blower won’t start or a sunny summer afternoon when the lawnmower won’t start. Now picture the perfect customer experience. Before someone struggles to start the snow blower or lawnmower, the computer texts to alert the human that a problem is about to occur...


Imagine you’ve received a phone call from the company where you buy your contact lenses. The agent tells you that your prescription is about to expire and that it can be difficult to get an appointment to renew the prescription quickly. The agent then asks you if you’d like to avoid potential delays and order more lenses now, leaving you impressed with the company’s knowledge, initiative, and customer service experience. But how was the company able to gather all of that information and use it in a way that was both beneficial to the company and helpful to, you, the customer...