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Special Report: Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap With One Workforce

Customer Engagement for the Win

Customer engagement, done well, leads to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Customers who feel appreciated are simply more likely to do business with a company that they perceive as being on their side. They want to interact with a company that understands them, is willing to work with them to resolve any problems, and presents a unified approach to customer service. How to achieve excellent customer engagement changes as the world moves to remote working, shopping, and just about everything else... 

Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap With One Workforce

The Necessity That Became the Preference -- 2020 resulted in enterprise brands facing a digital customer experience reckoning. With contact centers overrun with inbound calls—all whilst trying to enable their own employees to work from home—customers moved to digital channels in their droves. But what started as a necessity—engaging with brands over digital channels—has now become a preference...