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Special Report: Innovation and the Lost Kingdom of Knowledge

Sponsored by Sinequa

Freeing the Information in Corporate Knowledge Silos

Everyone wishes for an enterprise search fairy tale. Searchers want speedy, accurate, and timely responses to their queries. Adminis- trators want the behind-the-scenes technology to work as advertised. Managers want search to be cost-effective. It shouldn’t be necessary to rub Aladdin’s lamp and summon a genie who will grant three wishes to achieve enterprise search satisfaction. Nor should it require a prince’s kiss to Sleeping Beauty to make it happen...

Innovation and the Lost Kingdom of Knowledge

If fairy tales have taught us anything, it’s that nothing good comes from keeping something precious locked away in a tower. Yet many companies have some of their most precious assets—their organizational knowledge—hidden in silos. 

The impact of this invisible and inaccessible knowledge goes far beyond lost productivity and inefficiency. 

In this cautionary tale, we introduce collaborative innovation, explain how data silos thwart its progress, and touch on how organizations can solve the problem with intelligent search...