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Special Report: 10 Questions to Ask When Considering a KM Platform

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Shining a Light on Business Intelligence

Wouldn’t we all like to have a crystal ball? A crystal ball into which we could gaze and learn what will happen in the future? We would then know what our competition is up to, how well their competitive activities pan out, what events will affect our markets, and how our customers’ behaviors will change. No such crystal ball exists, sorry to say, so the business world remains reliant on competitive intelligence professionals and market researchers to provide insights that suggest current actions that will lead to future success...  

10 Questions for Evaluating a Market & Competitive Intelligence KM System

In market and competitive intelligence, the name of the game is discovering, sharing, and applying insights to business decisions, not simply locating facts. That’s why enterprise market and competitive intelligence research portals are highly specialized knowledge management (KM) applications that require particular content management, search, distribution, and artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine learning capabilities. To help organizations shopping for an enterprise market and competitive intelligence KM solution, here are 10 questions to ask the vendors you are considering. These questions are intended to help you uncover each vendor’s strengths and weaknesses...