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Special Report: Making the Business Justification for KM

Sponsored by Lucy

The Evolving Time Value of KM

The idea that time is money has been around for a very long time. It takes on added significance, however, in today’s world, where time has been incrementally speeding up. Actual time hasn’t changed—five minutes is still five minutes—but people’s perception of time has. This has many implications for knowledge management. Modern technologies give new definitions about how much time is acceptable to answer a question and to perform tasks. For example, wait time for a website to load is one to two seconds. If it’s more than three, people move on to the next site... 

The Right KM Platform Makes Time More Valuable

As citizens of an information society, we are dependent on good information which, ultimately, comes in the form of answers to the problems in front of us. It’s the only way we can work at the level of sophistication and precision that success requires these days. This is true across job titles, departments and industries. And it’s why AI powered KM platforms are experiencing such an explosion of interest...