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Best Practices in Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

Reading Between the Lines With Text Analytics and Search

Text analytics gives new meaning to reading between the lines. The notion of reading between the lines implies the ability to infer some real or hidden meaning behind the actual words that are written or spoken, to understand the subtext. It’s hearing what wasn’t said, recognizing what wasn’t written down, but is nevertheless true. It could be something trivial, such as “How brave of you to wear jeans to the wedding.” Not hard to read between those lines. Jeans were not acceptable attire for the formal event. Perhaps more meaningful is when you receive an “urgent” request at work but when you push back a little to determine the actual time frame, it becomes obvious that “urgent” means “next month is just fine.” Ever listened to statements from diplomats or elected officials? They are masterpieces of masking their true thoughts. Years ago, I heard the word “bafflegab” used to describe those…

Information Insight for Your Business

We’ve officially entered the Information Age. Just 10 years ago, the amount of data generated globally was roughly 30 exabytes. In the space of only four years, this figure had already mushroomed to 10 times its previous level. Today, experts estimate that by 2025, the combined volume of data generated, captured, copied, and utilized worldwide will skyrocket past 180 zettabytes…