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Special Report: Low Code Platforms and Applications

Getting the Lowdown on Low-Code

You’ve probably heard the old saying that you can have cheap, you can have fast, you can have good, but you can’t have all three. I once had a colleague who actually said this to her clients, asking them to pick which two they wanted since she refused to promise delivery of all three. I’m beginning to think that low-code puts the lie to that. With low code, you just might be able to deliver all three....

Three Key Areas to Consider When Selecting a Low-Code Content Services Platform

Imagine yourself buying a new car. The feeling as you drive it out of the car dealership and down the road is of pure excitement and bliss. But then imagine the disappointment when you find that the new car can only be used in the daytime because there is no switch for the headlights or that the temperature of the A/C is permanently set to 49.5 degrees and cannot be changed. This feeling is familiar for many business users of enterprise content management (ECM) systems—which offer tremendous potential for automation, process improvement, and productivity gains only to fall flat because the solution is not adequately tuned to meet the business’s requirements.