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Content Services in the Cloud: The Move to Next-Generation ECM

Legacy Content Meets Enterprise Content Management

Given that technology now provides a lower bar of entry, organizations no longer need a sprawling system, an aging content management system, or discrete silos of information. Cloud-based enterprise content services provide modern approaches to maximizing the value of an organization’s knowledge and information assets.

Content Services in the Cloud - The Move to Next-Generation ECM

The adoption of modern cloud-based technology is steadily on the upswing, and it stands to reason. A recent McAfee report found that 87% of companies experience business acceleration from the use of cloud services. At the heart of these boardroom decisions is the information that supports an organization’s critical business processes—how to manage it, how to leverage it, and how to keep it secure. Content services in the cloud is the next generation of traditional enterprise content management (ECM) and has become an increasingly popular choice to modernize aging document management systems. Let's take a closer look at why this topic is gaining such momentum.