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Expand Your Search Horizons
Next Generation Platforms Reset Assumptions and Results


The gap is increasing daily between the search experience we enjoy on our mobile devices and the search experience we encounter at the office. Traditional enterprise search and analytics packages have failed to keep up with the speed of business, big data growth, and the revolutions taking place in consumer interfaces. Operating behind the innovation curve comes at a high cost to the enterprise, as companies continue to miss hidden opportunities, repeat the waste of re-creating solutions to problems already solved, and perpetually sustain productivity losses on the part of employees frustrated by systems that fail to capture the context of their problems or deliver accurate suggestions to help them make decisions.

This webinar focuses on the requirements and practice changes that are emerging as next generation search and analytics platforms replace traditional approaches. Join Cognitive Computing Consortium co-founder and KMWorld columnist Hadley Reynolds and Attivio Senior Director of Product Marketing, Lee Phillips offering insight into how you can:
  • Bring advances from cognitive computing research into enterprise search and discovery.
  • Trade in traditional trial and error methods in favor of contextually aware and conversational collaborations between humans and smarter machines.
  • Identify opportunities to achieve new levels of performance by implementing a practice of continuous improvement.
Marydee Ojala
Conference Program Director
Information Today, Inc.
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Hadley Reynolds
Managing Director
Cognitive Computing Consortium
Lee Phillips
Sr. Director Product Marketing,