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Achieve over 80% Reduction in Time to Create New Knowledge with GenAI-fueled Knowbler

Traditional knowledge management systems often followed a hierarchical approach to knowledge curation, where knowledge was systematically created and published, only to become outdated when it reached the end users. Today's fast-paced and information-rich world demands a more agile approach to knowledge management.

Generative AI, powered by advanced ML algorithms and large language models, has emerged as a transformative tool capable of tackling the intricate challenges plaguing knowledge management systems. By applying GenAI to knowledge management, many time-consuming tasks, such as creating article summaries, reviewing knowledge gap visualizations, and formatting content in pre-defined templates, etc. can be automated.

In our upcoming webinar, we will discuss and demonstrate the impactful role of SearchUnify's Knowbler in driving customer success by:

– Simplifying Knowledge Capture within the Workflow
– Ensuring Content Quality with ML-assisted Health Checks
– Enriching Context via Federated Retrieval Augmented Generation
– Optimizing KM Lifecycle with Knowledge Gaps Visualization

Join us for this live event on Thursday, July 25, 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

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to attend the webinar From Struggle to Success: Knowledge Management Made Easy With GenAI.

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