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Gen AI has captured the attention of IT and business leaders with its remarkable ability to analyze data swiftly and generate content at scale. This technology promises to revolutionize productivity through the automation and optimization of various tasks.

However, Gen AI is not without its challenges. It can spit out wrong answers with complete confidence. In addition to data privacy and security, this was one of the biggest concerns voiced by KMWorld subscribers in a recent study. These "hallucinations" make Gen AI risky for critical tasks without the aid of grounding techniques.

This also underscores the pivotal role that Extractive AI plays as a distinct, but complementary solution. With its ability to identify and extract key information from existing knowledge bases and documents in a transparent and auditable manner, Extractive AI is increasingly valuable for:

– Regulated industries
– Search and discovery use cases
– Ensuring data transparency and auditability

To maximize the benefits of these AI technologies, organizations must establish robust data foundations. Accurate results depend on access to the right data connectivity, confidentiality and curation.

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Ville Somppi
Senior Vice President, Industry Solutions
Marydee Ojala
KMWorld magazine