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How's your crystal ball these days? Is it showing predictions for AI technologies, more specifically the capabilities of generative AI? How about Natural Language Processing (NLP) or knowledge graphs? What about how these technologies may intersect, overlap, and converge to create more powerful search tools? What about changes in user skill sets? If your crystal ball is a bit cloudy, join Ontotext, Northern Light, and Workgrid Software to gain insights from them on what's ahead in search.

In this webinar, you will learn

– How AI, NLP, and knowledge graphs are transforming search systems.
– How to overcome barriers to implementing GenAI in enterprise search applications.
– How GenAi's deeper understanding of user intent generates personalized relevant, answers

Don't miss this live event on Tuesday, June 11th, 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET. Register Now to attend the webinar What's Ahead in Search: AI, NLP, Knowledge Graphs, and More.

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Ivaylo Kabakov
Head of Solutions
David Seuss
Northern Light
Gillian McCann
Chief Technology Officer
Workgrid Software
Marydee Ojala
KMWorld magazine