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In an era when expectations are high and opinions about your company and its products can be shared instantly around the world, customer experience is a business-critical endeavor. Savvy companies continue to think carefully about how the whole customer journey—from the very first touchpoint to purchase, retention, and loyalty—can be efficient, effective, and as positive as possible. In our increasingly digital world, these customer touchpoints continue to grow, and so do the opportunities and challenges to succeed.

Good knowledge management practices are indispensable for improving customer experience. The quick availability of accurate knowledge is essential to enabling customer self-service tools, improving contact center response times and first contact resolutions, achieving a 360-degree customer view, and maintaining a seamless, omnichannel experience. Learn from Verint, Lucidworks, and Pivotree about the top KM practices for optimizing customer experience today, including how new AI technologies are changing the game.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

– Leveraging customer context to support and optimize customer journeys
– Defining knowledge creation tools, standards, and workflows to match user needs and expectations
– Using AI-powered site search algorithms to ensure search results are highly accurate
– Turning a flat search page into an immersive and engaging interactive experience
– Enriching product data to increase conversion rates, improve traffic, enable cross and bundled selling, and reduce product returns
– Ensuring products are easy to find, buy, get, and keep

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John Chmaj
Sr. Director, KM Strategy
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Head of Partner Success

Chantal Schweizer
Practice Director, Strategic Data Services

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