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Increasing efficiency and productivity through the sharing of knowledge has long been the goal of KM programs since the inception of knowledge management. At the same time, ensuring that the right information is available to workers at the right place and time remains a significant challenge. Silos, inaccurate and outdated data, lack of user adoption and ease of use, as well as overall complexity, are key hurdles. The knowledge gaps these issues create are felt across organizations from top decision makers to staff in various departments such as marketing, customer service, R&D, and learning and development.

Recent advancements in AI and related technologies have opened the door to new capabilities for creating, capturing, finding, understanding, and sharing knowledge at organizations. Technology is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. While AI can enhance many facets of knowledge management, it also requires a solid foundation to deliver value.

In this webinar you will learn:

– How generative AI changes practices for content curation and publication
– Why rethinking analytics drive agility and efficiency
– How generative AI makes KM practices more important and urgent than ever before
– Practical steps to enable KM to accelerate the deployment of successful GenAI projects

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