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A happy, productive workplace — it's what all business leaders want. Unfortunately, it's also an ongoing challenge. Based on US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, workplace productivity fluctuated considerably during 2023. While some CEOs have pointed the finger at remote work, the fact is the workplace will continue to evolve and, wherever work is taking place, employee engagement is what makes the difference. This is also why new approaches to employee experience have grown more important.

In our increasingly digital world, having the right tools to help employees work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively is essential. This includes connecting people with the knowledge they need to be successful at their jobs. Information silos, digital friction, and app overload all contribute to poor outcomes. On the other hand, the ability to quickly create, share, access, and use knowledge boosts productivity. Join us for a special roundtable webinar to dive into key strategies and technologies for improving employee experience and workplace productivity.

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