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From business documents and emails to customer reviews and call center transcripts, KMWorld subscribers almost unanimously agree that access to fast, accurate information from unstructured content is vital to the success of their organization. To compete in today's economy, information is needed within minutes. However, at many organizations, end-users are still spending hours searching for the information they need to act upon. When it comes to unstructured data, a big portion is still woefully out of reach for today's workers. This state of affair leads to many negative outcomes – poor decision making, higher operations costs, and lost revenue, to name a few.

To examine new strategies and emerging best practices with the leading industry experts, KMWorld is hosting a special roundtable webinar on November 30th. Reserve your seat today!

In this webinar you will learn

– The difference in generative AI and conversation AI and see both in action
– How to avoid AI hallucination
– How GenAI is changing the nature of work
– Why KM will evolve into a critical and strategic role

Register Now to attend the webinar Using Generative AI for Fast, Accurate Knowledge from Unstructured Content.

Don't miss this live event on Thursday, November 30th, 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET.

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